Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandson Logan

Isn't this a great picture?

Logan, one of our seven grandsons, has spent several weeks in Peru on a mission trip. He's heading home tonight.

Friends and relatives could follow the trip by reading the leaders' posts on a blog site, see pictures taken during each day, and then could write comments, which were read to the team each evening as they gathered.

This picture is one of the pictures that was posted.

I was quite taken with this picture. We see and hear so much about teens doing crazy and odd things and not being very serious about life or their faith. I thought this picture really captured a teen's heart and actions, at least for this day and this moment.

A comparable picture could probably be taken of any and all teens at a particular time or moment in their life, but this happened to be of Logan and proud Grams wanted to share.