Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forgiving God

Does the title grab you? Forgiving God? Who in the world forgives God? 

I'm continuing writing posts about some of the truths found in the book, The Shack. This isn't exactly a one-liner, but it's the text found on page 82 in Chapter 5. Mack is struggling with how to address God when he will meet him in the cabin. "No longer concerned or caring about what to call God and energized by his ire, he walked up to the door. Mack decided to bang loudly and see what happened, but just as he raised his fist to do so, the door flew open, ..."

This text reminded me of a time in my life when I was struggling with how God was showing Himself and how none of it seemed fair. Abusive people taking advantage of innocents was always so perplexing to me, and I was questioning God as to how He could let that happen. And, I had had some really troubling things happen in my life, things that I thought I was protected from because I was a believer and tried to honor God with my life.

I was waiting in a doctor's office and picked up a magazine, which had an article entitled, Have You Forgiven God? That caught my attention.

I learned from reading that article. It's not really that you forgive God, but it's a situation where you are angry at God and you can't figure out stuff. The essence of forgiving God is that you come to Him and discuss it with Him and it's actually that you listen to Him and get His perspective and in doing that, you have forgiven God. What you've really done is come to Him and opened yourself up to Him to receive what He has to say and to show you.

I was reminded of that in this section of The Shack. That was a change point or a turning point in my life. I didn't forgive God, but I was able to release my anger and open up to Him and receive His view of life and what He wants. That's a very different place to be.



bertha said...

I liked what you said what forgiving God was, coming to Him, discussing, and getting his perspecive. I never really thought about it that way. I have a lot of lies that I believe. I have learned a tool to help me see the lies and then to get God's persective so that I can replace it with the truth. It is called Rational Self Analysis. I also use a lot of journaling in my discussions with God. Both of these have helped to find truth. That is my way of discussing things with God and finding truth. I never thought about in doing that, that I am forgving God. It is a really different way for me to look at it. I agree with you about how it is perplexing about how God can let abusive people hurt innocent people. What has helped me wtih this is realing that God will not override someone's choice, but that He is there wtih them during the abuse. I beleive also that for some abuses, He provides a way for that person being abused to be to cope so that they can survive the abuse. I see it as a "gift" that He is giving to that person. This one has been thought provoking, as have the others been so far.

Mary W

Paul/Mary Burleson said...

As always, I love your remarks. Thanks for taking the time to learn how to comment on blogs. It's well worth your effort.

And thanks for sharing how you perceive the concept of forgiving God. It's been a "change point" in my life.

The Lenoxes said...

Over the last few years I think I have learned to listen to God. It hasn't been an easy process for me because I constantly question, "Was that Him, or was that just me and my thoughts wanting to believe it was Him?" I don't always know, but I can pretty much guess when what I hear is moving me toward loving/forgiving myself or loving/forgiving someone's God!

Funny how I can talk all day long to God, but have just recently learned to listen. That's indicative of my human relationships as well. Maybe I can learn to listen more than I talk in all my relationships....and maybe forgiveness would flow more easily!?

P.S. Hi Bertha! It's been a long time!


bertha said...

It is good to know that there is someone else who wonders if it is God or just their own thoughts. I like the way you tell the difference.

PS My "Melody" just had a baby girl in November, Annabella Faith. She is adorable !!.

Good to read your comments.

Mary W