Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saddleback Debate

Last Saturday night the two candidates for president answered questions on the Saddleback Civic Forum. I thought that was a very well done event. Personally, I was encouraged by both candidates' answers.

But I was really watching Rick Warren, the moderator. Years ago in Fort Worth, Rick was a seminary student at Southwestern and he was a member of the church where Paul was pastor.

I remember Rick as a slight, light-haired, rather timid young man. He was asked to sometimes play his guitar and help lead on Sunday nights. I remember he seemed shy and I often had a hard time hearing him. That's my memory.

When Rick finished seminary, he and his wife Kay packed all their belongings in their car (I think it was a Volkswagon) and headed for California. They said they felt God calling them to start a new church in CA.

Over the years we would hear how the church was growing. When it was just beginning, Rick and Kay encouraged casual dress and tried to invite each visitor and new member to their home to get better acquainted.

Once over the years, Kay called to ask me a question, and she started out saying you probably don't remember me. They were already getting famous. I quickly responded that of course I remembered her. I always think that's a funny memory.

Coming back to the present–Saturday night was an exciting time for me. It was great watching the presidential candidates, but it was extremely pleasing and satisfying to watch Rick and see what a wonderful pastor and person he has become. Time magazine called him the most influential religious man in America today, the next Billy Graham.

I remember when. . .

Just wanted to share a fun memory.


Anonymous said...

OK, now I KNOW you and Paul know everyone on this planet. :)

Cathy H said...

That is a fun memory.

Mary Burleson said...

Maybe not "everyone." But it is fun to think about the "six degrees of separation." Maybe when you live as long as I have, it's a natural consequence. Maybe?

Thanks for commenting.

To both,
I was a little hesitant to write this post lest I might be "name-dropping." Scratched the hesitancy and did anyway. Thanks for letting me know you read it.

Anonymous said...

Mary: I never think of it as name dropping. God has allowed you to know and mentor some outstanding people in your lifetime. That's terrific,and I never think it's name dropping to say it. I enjoyed reading it. You both are the most humble people I know. Sixteen years at Emmanuel and I'm just now finding out some of the people Wade and Rachelle know. Name dropping is never anything I would even think of any of you.