Saturday, April 11, 2009

A View of The Shack

I was surfing on YouTube and put in The Shack. Up popped many links and things to choose from. I watched a few and they were mostly saying to stay away from it, or as one put it, "Stay Out of The Shack."

I then found this one:

It's worth watching. The writer identifies himself or rather his credentials, and he talks about the strengths and weaknesses of the book. I was braced for another video that gave all the scriptures and the reasons one shouldn't read the book and should steer completely clear of it. Pleasant surprise.

I copied the link. Hope it works for you if you're interested.
Mary B.


Anonymous said...

Mary: This review that you linked to is closer to the reaction I had after reading the book. This of course was after I got through drying my eyes from bawling like a baby while and after reading. :)

The time Paul Young was at Emmanuel will not soon be forgotten by me. I'm still in awe as to what God did that weekend.

Bob Cleveland said...

Thanks so much for finding and posting this.

And while I was thinking about going there, this thought suddenly struck me: why on earth are people griping about "The Shack" in relation to theology, anyway? Is it because they are looking to "books" to find their theology .. to affirm what they believe?

Goodness, I get my theology from one place, and only one place; the Bible! Why would I even THINK of any work of fiction, in a theological sense?

Hmm.... that might even account for some "stuff" I've witnessed in my short involvement in SBC matters.

Cathy H said...

I've been curious as to why there has been so much negative about it too. Why is there so much fear involved when we start talking about God actually loving us?

Bobby Brown said...

Cathy H, Referring to your question: "Why has there been so much negative about The Shack and William Paul Young?" I think much of it has to do with his message being very threatening to Pharisees. It is threating to me when I hear his testimony about everyone knowing everything there is to know about him. The more we are trying to uphold our image by acting to be something we are not the more threating his message is to us. Now no one wants to admit, pehaps even to their own self, that this is the case so they attack him from a doctrinal stand- point instead.

Also in connection with this mans evaluation of the book he remarks: "Young did not answer the question of why bad things happen to people." I think he did give the only answer there is, "because God loves us". In other words whatever comes our way we must never get the idea that it is because God is angry with us or because He does not love us.