Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Month of May: Triumphs and Tragedies

The month of May in OK is known as tornado month.

This year it's already lived up to its name. We had an outbreak of tornados on May the 10th that followed six paths across the state: two in the south central section, two in the central section that tracked east following Highway 9 and the other one following I40, and then we had two across the northeastern section of the state. Over two dozen tornados touched down and several caused extensive damage.

That comprises some of the tragedies. We also lost a dear friend of years ago who died last week. Very sad. Today is the birthday of Paul's Mom who died a year and a half ago. These have been some sad things that have happened.

But for us the month of May could be called the month of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and then there's Mother's Day. We had fun celebrating my Mom's 73rd year to celebrate Mother's Day. We had a family cleaning day (outside porches) and a patio picnic. She was very appreciative.

We have five family birthdays in May and one anniversary. We've already celebrated one of these and have five to go. Keeps me on my toes making sure I remember and prepare for each.

One of our special treats this May was attending a high school graduation of over a thousand graduates and watching one of our grandsons receive his diploma. He also received a full scholarship to the university he will attend next fall. Very exciting and thrilling for us as grandparents.

We also got to attend an awards banquet for graduate nurses in which our daughter-in-law was pinned and received four different awards. We were privileged to be invited and get to sit with our son's family.

My reality check about these things is that life is made up of both sad things and things to celebrate. It's all a mix. We have fun and enjoy the wonderful happenings and we're saddened and feel loss at the bad things that happen. Nothing extraordinarily profound about any of this, just musings.

Still, life is good and it's good to be alive to celebrate and to sympathize and to feel with others. It's a challenge to find meaning in both and a good exercise.

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