Thursday, January 3, 2008

Guarantees in Scripture

What guarantees do you find in scripture?

Here are some I've heard: 
  1. If you raise your kids right, they'll always follow God.
  2. If you claim a promise and have faith, God keeps His Word.
  3. If you're being attacked, rebuke the devil and claim God's presence, and the attacker will flee.
  4. If I'm a submissive wife, my husband will never leave.
  5. If my husband leaves, I will claim God's promise that he will return.
  6. God told me that she will be my wife.
  7. God promised me that job.
  8. If the preacher preaches the Word of God and his family is halfway decent, the church will love him and cherish him.
  9. If I can get another Christian to agree with me, then I know God will give what I ask.
  10. If I am a good Christian and do everything I think God wants me to, he will always take care of me and mine; I am safe and will not suffer.
  11. If I pray hard enough and have enough faith, God will heal the one I'm praying for.
  12. If I have a quiet time in the morning, I will have a good day.
You could probably add many more.
Question: Are each or any of these guaranteed in the scripture?
My thoughts in the next post. 


Wade Burleson said...
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Wade Burleson said...

No guarantees at all. Just look at your eldest son. (wink).

I am off for a mission trip to China. Before we leave on Monday I will be posting a link to your site on my blog since mine will be shut down for two weeks.

I will tell my readers to not venture over here if they have a problem with a woman teaching men spiritual truth, because they will be taught.