Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What is Reality?

I've started this blog to write about my pet peeve and my favorite find. They're one and the same, in a sense.

My pet peeve is people who are relationally fake. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever met someone and after conversing for awhile, you realize you're talking to an image of the person and you're not talking to the real person at all?

On the other hand, have you related to someone that you knew was sharing from the inside out? I'm not talking about sharing deep and dark secrets or all of one's past, but I'm referring to that intuitive sense you have when you meet someone and converse and you know that person is "real," whatever that means to you. You just know!

That's what I hope to make the theme of this blog, realness in relationships. Also, I want to address realness in religion, although that's almost an oxymoron. Religion by definition could be classified as unreal. But to many people religion encompasses their belief system, so it's in that sense that I use the word religion.  My belief system is a relationship with God, and the man-made systems to me are religion. That may be as clear as mud, but it makes sense to me.

Thanks for reading this and I invite you to comment and go with me on the quest for reality.


Brett & Kelly Burleson said...

Mary, what a great way to start off the New Year! I like the blog, and your post. I never really thought about "real" or "raw" or any of those things...until I met Brett. It has really helped me deal with a lot of situations in my life. But most of all, with me. To understand the difference between the "surface" relationships and the "real" relationships. I always assumed everyone had to think your life was perfect. No one could possibly know your inner thoughts...boy was I wrong! And, best of all is how you feel when you're able to be yourself. TOTALLY be yourself.

I can't wait to read more and see what every one shares on your blog. Great topic...hope people will take the time to stop and comment.

Again, Happy 2008!
Love you,

Rebel4Reality said...

Kelly, Thanks for your comments and for sharing. And thanks for expressing your anticipation of more posts. That's encouraging.

LOL said...

What a brave concept to air your pet peeves and ask for comments. It will be fun to read and share.
LOL (Lover of Learning)

Stephanie Farquhar said...

Mary, glad you got the blog up , I will look forward to the Reality Check! Reading over the list, I was reminded how the Lord has taught me that it is obedience in the midst of the circumstance. The hope of the circumstance is that it would bring me into deeper relationship with Him. The reality of it all is that it will be an ongoing process of breaking down the old walls in every relationship and embracing the new ones. Me "being" Him "doing"
Love ya,

Rebel4Reality said...

Thanks for commenting. I like your name, Lover of Learning. My hope is that I will always be learning and never get to the point I think I know it all. Hope you share your thoughts along the way.

Rebel4Reality said...

Hey, Stephanie,
Glad you stopped by, and thanks for commenting. I would love to get some discussion going about some of these points. I think blogging and commenting is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Too fun.

DeeDee said...

Mary, my husband and I came to a minister and wives conference at Cottage Hill BC in Mobile Al (about 20 years ago). I was blessed by your ministry then...and now am looking forward to blogging and commenting with you. (Not really even sure how I found you) Regardless, I have shared the information learned many times over the years... and look forward to more thought provoking discussions here.
Blessings to you and your!

Rebel4Reality said...

Dee Dee,
Hello! How great to hear from you after twenty years. I went to your blog and read about your family and saw your pictures. Love your blog!
I said in an earlier comment that I think blogging and the Internet are the greatest things since sliced bread. Your stopping by and commenting only strengthens that thought and fills me with excitement at the possibilities of connecting and communicating.
Looking forward to fun discussions and comments from you in the future.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Mary: Welcome to the world of blogging, and what a great topic. I will be coming back for more.